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Our Services
Ceremony Options:
  • Religious - Traditional
  • Semi-Religious - Contemporary
  • Non-religious 
  • Elopement - You come to me (This option does not include a 'mini ceremony' or tradition.) 
  • "Short & Sweet" 
  • Write your own Ceremony or vows 
  • Vow Renewal

 All ceremonies include the following services:
  • Optional 'get acquainted' visit with bride and groom to answer questions, discuss your 'vision'. We will meet at a place that is mutually suited to both of us, or we can do it all online.
  • I will officiate and file your license - there is no need to return to the courthouse after your wedding. 
  • Travel to the location of your wedding. 
  • Unlimited email & telephone support - ceremony ideas, locations, vendors, etiquette - I am happy to assist! 
  • Personalized, meaningful, memorable ceremony based on personal information that you give and we discuss. You have a choice of ceremony options. 
  • Custom Marriage Certificate "Keepsake". 
  • Your Marriage Ceremony will be emailed to you for approval before your date - no surprises!

Optional Ceremonies:
I am happy to include optional ceremonies for your wedding at your request.  They add a 'visual impression'- since your guests are more likely to remember what they 'see'. I will be happy to explain any with which you are unfamiliar.

  • Unity Candle or Sand - Symbolizes the blending of your two lives/families into one. 
  • Memory Candle to honor the memory of those that have passed. 
  • Communion - As a part of the wedding ceremony
  • Rose Ceremony - your first gift to each other - a single red rose means "I love you"
  • Ring Warming Ceremony - Wedding rings are blessed by families and friends
  • Parental Honoring - Say thank-you to your parents in a special ceremony. 
  • Blended Family Ceremony - Join your 2 families . Parent & children "vows". 
  • Water Ceremony - Pour 2 different colored waters into a 3rd vessel creating a third color & blend your lives.
  • Any other ceremonies, traditions, readings, poems, etc. that you want included.

Ceremony Format that I use unless one is provided by the bride and groom
(except elopements):

  • The Processional of the Wedding Party 
  • Words Of Welcome
  • Opening Prayer (religious & semi-religious ceremony)
  • Family Blessing - (give the bride away) 
  • Opening Remarks 
  • Question of Intent 
  • Readings & Music (Optional - if you want a poem, passage, reading or a special song played) 
  • Wedding Vows 
  • Blessing of the Rings 
  • Exchange of Rings 
  • Optional Mini Ceremony or Tradition - add a nice touch (see options at right) 
  • Benediction - Closing Wedding Blessing 
  • Pronouncement of Marriage 
  • And then, you kiss! 
  • Presentation (of the new couple) 
  • Ceremony Recessional