Chaplain Patterson was absolutely excellent!!! He was so easy to work with. He even lets you choose what you want him to wear. He let us have flexability in our ceremony, and he let us have fun. He was very sweet and professional. He responds to emails super quickly!! Also if you need help with any other vendors, or even getting vases for sand ceremonies he will help you. Highly recommend!!!

Erica and Waide
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About Us
He is non-judgmental and 
has the greatest respect for
the traditions of marriage. 
He is committed to helping 
you create your dream wedding. He listens to your needs and desires, and brainstorms with you to make the day even more special. He is here to help bring your ideas to life, not to tell you how your wedding should be.
Chaplain Patterson is an ordained minister and certified chaplain available in Knoxville, TN
and surrounding areas. 
We were very impressed with your professionalism and attention to detail. We appreciated that you respected our desire to have a completely civil ceremony and that you helped us pick out the wording for the ceremony that suited us the best. You were easy to get in touch with and always responded to our emails and/or calls quickly. The day of the wedding was perfect and you fit right in because you made sure to dress appropriately according to how everyone else was dressed. The ceremony went off without a hitch and we had a great time! We are so glad that we asked you to be our officiant because that was a big worry for us initially. We didn't have any personal contact who could be an officiant, like a minister or someone like that, so we were having to rely on a stranger to make our ceremony what we wanted it to be. Luckily, we had you to rely on and everything was as we had arranged it and nothing unexpected happened. It was a wonderful day and we are so happy with how it all went. Thank you! 

Laurel and Shawn
Dr Patterson and his wife are delightful! We were honored to have him be part of our most special day. Thanks, Dr Patterson for braving the cold with us.
Deb and Gary
Chaplian Patterson was the perfect choice for us! He responded timely, was very professional and made sure our day was perfect! We would certainly recommend him to anyone needing a wedding (or other ceremoy) officiant!
 David & Sharon Morrow
We loved him!
Jodi and Taylor
Very happy with Chaplain Patterson services. Would highly recommend him for doing your wedding ceremony.
Ed and Heather
Chaplain Patterson was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. He responded to my initial request quickly, was able to give me the date I needed even though it was only one week away and the service was very nice. Even though he did not know me and my intended he provided a wonderful, moving service. I would recommend him to anyone for any kind of service. 
Kathy Freels

Chaplain Patterson was extremely friendly, professional and easy to work with. He provided a flexible framework for our needs and was very helpful when we asked for advice. Overall, we highly recommend him and was exactly what we wanted for our special day!
 -Rachel and Dave
I hope when everyone reads this that they will stop their search for an Officiant.  Chaplain Patterson was there every step of the way for us!  Unfortunately on the night of our Rehearsal Dinner, we had a family emergency and Chaplain Patterson went to the hospital and stayed with us as long as we needed.  He didn't have to stay, but showed such compassion and empathy my family will never forget.  He is one of the kindest people my family and I have ever encountered.  He opened our Wedding with a beautiful prayer for my husband's Grandma, who had the Medical Emergency and made the entire ceremony family involved and very special.  This is a very gifted and caring man and anyone that decides to hire him will always remember how they were treated and how he and his wife radiate kindness.  Chaplain Patterson made our Wedding and thereafter a very special and unforgettable time.  We are SO glad we chose Chaplain Patterson and that he chose to help us!  Him and his wife Irene are such an amazing couple and their love shined through their work.  Their teamwork made me feel at ease and know that I was in great hands.  The service and dedication he showed me and my family is something we will never forget.
Corrie and James
We were extremely happy with our choice of Chaplain Patterson for our wedding. He was very easy to work with when we were editing the wedding ceremony to fit us personally and did an exceptional job at the altar. He and his wife were a pleasure to have with us on our special day and we highly recommend them!
Janna & Darrell
Dr. and Mrs. Patterson were truly a God-send for us. We had no idea who we would use as an officiant for our ceremony and were looking for someone to give us some spiritual direction as well as conduct our pre-marital counseling. Dr. Patterson worked around our schedule and really made us feel at home during our counseling sessions. He responded quickly to any questions we had and provided great reading materials and guidance during our marriage counseling sessions. We felt right at home with both he and his wife. He even wrote out our ceremony ahead of time and allowed us to make changes and recommendations. I would recommend Dr. Patterson to anyone who is looking for an officiant who is diligent, caring, responsive and flexible. Thanks so much for making our day so special and for the guidance you provided us in the weeks leading up to our wedding day.

James and Rebecca Holmes
This was by far the best choice and option that enabled us to cherish a special moment in our lives. The wonderful experience that we were left with, is one that we would not forget nor regret. Chaplain Patterson provided the necessary info and most importantly, his eagerness to listen/communicate to ensure that he provided what we wanted to accomplish in our ceremony. And it was all done in less than a week. We are truly thankful and grateful that such an Officiant exists and one who provided the highest quality of service for our needs on short notice.
Tony and Denise
Chaplain Patterson was so very helpful from the moment we first contacted him. He made the wedding experience SOOO wonderful and the ceremony was BEAUTIFUL!! I could not have asked for a better officiant. We live in another state and I never worried about anything because he was so professional. We corresponded frequently through email and he always reminded me to relax and enjoy the planning process. The rehearsal went smoothly and was very helpful. I had a chance to meet his wife who also helped and took very lovely pictures! Everyone complimented on how beautiful and unique the ceremony was. I cannot express how pleased I am with the ceremony! Chaplain Patterson is the perfect choice for your wedding and I am so happy that he was a part of our special day. Even during the reception, he was so friendly to my family and friends. He has a great personality that brings a unique and charismatic quality to the entire wedding. I highly, highly recommend him!!!!!

Kara and Kris
Chaplain Patterson was a wonderful addition to our wedding day! When looking for an officiant my husband and I were not sure where to start. We were not getting married in a church and had not been raised in the same church. From the first response, Chaplain Patterson made us feel very comfortable. We had not yet met, but he made us feel at ease. We had found the person who was going to marry us!

The ceremony was perfect for us. Chaplain Patterson emailed it to us early so we could go over it and make any changes, but it suited us and our relationship very well. He did a wonderful job communicating through email with us, and would offer to help in any way.

He and his wife were wonderful at the rehearsal. They were so polite, happy, and patient (it was hot and my family was late!). I was the bride and the wedding day coordinator, but with the help and experience that Chaplain Patterson and his wife had the rehearsal ran very smoothly and I knew our ceremony would be perfect!

Our ceremony was amazing! Caught up in the moment it felt like there were only three people there, my husband, Chaplain Patterson, and myself. It felt so perfect. We were so happy to have him share in our wedding.

When I started the journey of finding someone to marry us, I would not have thought that the person I found on the internet would have such a lasting impression on me, my husband, and our marriage. Chaplain Patterson made us feel so comfortable and at ease. His emails were a great reminder that we were getting married not just having a wedding. So many vendors can be a lot of work, but Chaplain Patterson was not. We knew that we could count on him.

I feel like we have found someone that we want to keep in our lives. He helped to make this happy day in our lives perfect! I feel like if ever I have a question I could still contact him now. We are happy to have found him and look forward to keeping him in our lives.
Brittany and Michael
A beautiful ceremony and just what we were looking for! We had many comments on the terrific service conducted by Chaplain Patterson, we would highly recommend him to family and friends.
Julie and Ed
We can't express how wonderful Chaplain Patterson is. He was there for anything we needed and went over and beyond what we ever expected him to do. Both Chaplain Patterson and his wife are wonderful and sweet people. He was at the rehearsal and the wedding in plenty of time, was there to answer any questions we had, did an outstanding ceremony and we couldn't be happier with him as a person. They are there to help and will do anything they can possibly do to keep the stress levels down for you. He wanted to make sure that we knew it was our day and that he would do anything we wanted him to do because it was our day...not his. That is truly amazing! Everyone at the wedding had great compliments on both Chaplain Patterson and his wife and were very pleased with both of them. We would recommend him to any of our friends and family. We are truly blessed to have found such great people to share our special day with. It is really hard to find great people out there, but if you decide to use Chaplain Patterson, please know, you will not regret it, I know we never will!!
Thank you!!
Stacey & Nicholas
We could not be any happier with Chaplain Patterson and the ceremony that he conducted. We appreciate how open he was to helping us fulfill the vision we had for our wedding, and he emphasized that his goal was to make our day perfect for us. He was very helpful and responsive during the entire process, and drew nothing but praise from family and friends for the job that he did. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chaplain Patterson to anyone looking for a wedding officiant.

Danielle and Lawrence
Chaplain Patterson was amazing for us. Neither of us live in Tennessee where the wedding was held and are not attached to a local church. He was professional and responsive during the six months of planning. He performed our wedding with grace on an extremely hot day and was able to provide handkerchiefs to the bride and the groom in a tearful moment of crisis. I could not have asked for more in an officiant. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Chaplain Patterson. He and his lovely wife make an amazing team.
Lori & Russ
Dr. Patterson and his wife were such a pleasure to work with. He made the process so easy and convenient for me. He also provided us with premarital counseling which he holds at his house and worked around our crazy schedule. They went above and beyond to serve us and make our wedding day great!
Jennifer and Randy
Chaplain Patterson did a great job as our wedding officiant. We live in South Carolina, so planning a wedding from afar was difficult at times but never when it came to working with him. He was quick to respond to emails, let us add our own special parts to the ceremony, and followed through with everything he said he'd do. He was extremely flexible and relaxed, especially when we forgot a few important documents right before the ceremony! Chaplain Patterson is someone I would definitely recommend to any in or out of town brides who want one less thing to worry about when it comes to wedding planning!

Katie and Matt
Dr. Patterson and his wife were lovely and very professional. So happy to have them as a part of our special day. 
Donnie and Melissa Thompson
Dr. Patterson was unbelievably professional and kind! He was very prompt on his email responses and quick on customizing the wedding ceremony. We highly recommend his services. You won't be disappointed. He is also very open minded to suggestions or opinions. He also has a great sense of humor! We also like his wife. He and she came over to visit us and we had a enjoyable evening. Many of my guests commented positively on Dr. Patterson' performance.
Tina and David
Dr. Fred Patterson and his wife were GREAT not only professional but personable. They were such a joy to have there with us to share such a wonderful moment in our lives, they made not only Matt and I but our family and friends so comfortable. We enjoyed the way he delivered the service, it was excellent. It was as if they were family! Would'nt have changed a thing. Great, Great, Great!!!!!!!

Andrea & Matthew
Chaplain Patterson was above and beyond what we were looking for! The minute that we met him, I knew he was the one that would marry us! I’m new to the Knoxville area so we do not have a church that we attend on a regular basis and was worried that we would not find the right offciant/minister that we felt comfortable with... So not the case with Mr. Patterson! He made the planning part of our vows very simple and easy! Eric and I are very simple and didn’t want anything extravagant and time consuming... Straight and to the point... And that’s exactly what Mr. Patterson gave us! The one thing that i really enjoyed along with all of my guest was the verse about "these are the hands of your best friend" Everyone absolutely loved that! I had more people tell me that they loved that part of the ceremony and they had never heard it before! Our day was simply perfect and I could not have asked for anything more! The vows are the most important part of your wedding... not the cake, food or flowers but the VOWS, and Mr. Patterson made that perfect! Thank you Chaplain Patterson for making our day everything that we dreamed of!

Eric and Erica
Chaplain Patterson was great.  We couldn't have asked for a better officiant. The ceremony was perfect and we really enjoyed the delivery of the ceremony.  It was exactly what we wanted . You will definately be pleased if you have Chaplain Patterson officiate your wedding.

Andrea and Chad
Not only did Dr. Patterson make our day special and unique, but he also made a big impact with all of our guests. The ceremony was indeed a blessing from Above and we cannot thank Dr. Patterson enough for making the ceremony so wonderful. A family friend told David and I how every word he said is what marriage was all about and added, "...It was the most beautiful ceremony I've ever heard." We couldn't have asked for a better and more personalized ceremony. He is simply the best!!!

Arnielyn & David
Chaplain Patterson & his wife were amazing! He was very quick to reply to any emailed questions we had in our month process to plan our wedding. They were so sweet and kind to work with! The maid of honor had dropped the grooms ring just moments before the wedding was to start, all our guests along with him and his wife walked back and forth trying to find it! Anyone who is willing to do that, is a very special person!
Marissa and Michael
Chaplain Patterson did a fantastic job officiating our wedding in October 2011. He crafted a ceremony that fit us so perfectly, we did not need to change one word of what he wrote! He was professional, personable, and made our ceremony unforgettable. We received lots of compliments from our guests regarding the beautiful ceremony he created. His sweet wife even helped us with the rehearsal and made sure the entrance of our bridal party went smoothly at the wedding. We were from out of town, and were nervous about finding an officiant who could fit "us". We could not be happier with our choice, and I would HIGHLY recommend Chaplain Patterson to anyone!

Stephanie and Chris
Chaplain Patterson and his wife could not have done a better job at our wedding! My husband and I got married June 18th of this year they just added to make our day so very special! I have nothing but great things to say about my experience working with the Pattersons. We were in need of an officiant for our outdoors location and did not know an officiant that did weddings outside of their church. Seeing that our wedding was in the middle of June it was hard to find an officiant because of the busy wedding season. I came across Chaplain Patterson on a wedding website and everything just fell into place. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!!!

Laura and Jack
Chaplain Patterson has helped me and my husband to organize our wedding ceremony in a perfect way. Our wedding took place in Orangery in Knoxville, TN and Chaplain Patterson along with his wife made our most important event so far flawless. We were getting worried that we could not find a trusted minister way before the wedding day. So, may be around 3 weeks before the wedding, we contacted Dr. Patterson and got an immediate response with all the information that we needed and wanted to know. We met with him and his wife to share our story at Starbucks one day. His undivided attention was ours for as long as the story went. He wanted to create a ceremony that would be totally personalized and written about us - me and my husband. Since I am not an American native speaking bride - Chaplain Patterson added several lines that would include my non English-speaking parents into the ceremony. Besides that for the rehearsal he brought Russian translation of the ceremony for my parents!! That was absolutely amazing - my parents were very happy! The ceremony went very well - we rehearsed until it was perfect and clicked. Mrs. Patterson has been so helpful and sweet too - I totally forgot about my bouquet during the ceremony and was about to walk down the aisle without my flowers!!! She got it! I am so so thankful that she was there and with her experienced eye caught the flaw and prevented awkwardness during the ceremony!!! Thank you, thank you, so so much! After the ceremony Chaplain Patterson took care of all the paperwork associated with the marriage, so we could take a little time to ourselves and enjoy the video we received from him with a glass of wine :) Thank you, we are so happy!

Iullia and Jacob
Dr. Patterson was absolutely wonderful! We were able to meet with him and explain exactly what we wanted for our ceremony and he accommodated perfectly. He arrived early, was extremely professional and performed our ceremony to perfection. We could not have been happier with our service. His wife and him are kind, caring, funny and sweet people and we were honored to have them be part of our day. We will use him again for our renewal ceremony and refer him to everyone we know. Thank you!!!

Heather and David
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